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As an industry-leading Virtual Event Platform for 20+ years, BeaconLive is committed to Global Scalability, Customer Service, Security, and Quality.

Not only is BeaconLive able to scale any event to 40,000 participants, we ensure impeccable customer service for a professional quality and seamless production.

Covid-19 is disrupting everyone’s plans for in-person events, but BeaconLive is here to transform all of your live events and gatherings to an engaging and interactive experience.
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Virtual Events with BeaconLive

BeaconLive Virtual Event Features

Multi-Day, Multi-Track multi day multi track
Breakout Sessions breakout sessions
Integrative Webinars & Media Content Hosting integrative webinars and media content hosting
Interactive Chatrooms interactive chatrooms
White-Label & Customization white label and customization
User Tracking & Analytics user tracking and analytics

Work With Our Best-In-Class Event Services Team


whitelabel content Work with your dedicated Account Manager and Event Producer to create customized registration pages, set up web rooms, upload content and media used during event and ensure all of your branding and design ideas are met.

During Event

catalog and monetize content While your presenter focuses on delivering their material, our In-House Event Moderators and Help Desk will be monitoring attendees and hosts, facilitating Q&A and chatrooms and tending to any technical difficulties.


track and certify users Work with your Event Producer to ensure automated recording of events, view detailed reporting of attendees and deliver certificates of completion / participation in event.



Ensure a seamless and professional event with the help of our

fully-managed Event Support & Customer Service teams.

  • “We have completed our work on the NARSOL Live Event in conjunction with BeaconLive. There is only one word that expresses our deepest feeling: Great! Your staff was responsive, professional and always listened to our concerns. BeaconLive was instrumental in helping us meet our mission and goals. I extend to you and your staff a big THANK YOU and our deep appreciation to help us achieve a successful milestone within our non-profit community.”

    — NARSOL

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