Secure Virtual Events & Meetings

  • Security and Biometric Authentication
  • Secure & Reliable Voting
  • Professionally Moderated and Branded Event
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Platform Features For Secure Virtual Events and Meetings

Biometric Authentication


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Biometric authentication before and during your shareholder meetings and voting to ensure your virtual participants are who they say they are. 

API Integration


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We operate seamlessly within
your tech stack. We can build
and integrate with APIs for
registration pages, show-time
execution, data & reporting,

Secure Polls, Voting & Reporting

Secure Polls, Voting & Reporting

With biometric authentication, we can ensure voting and polling is accurate and verified.

Mobile Friendly


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Our platform works seamlessly on smartphones & tablets. Lower barriers for your attendees by allowing them to tune in from anywhere, with any device.

Roundtable Networking


Roundtable Networking

Easily execute fireside chats, panel discussions, speed-dating, lunch n' learns, and any other networking session. Allow attendees to enter in and out of each, or assign users to specific rooms. 

White-Labeling & Custom Branding

Sponsor & Exhibitor Branding

Because our platform is customizable to your organization's design & branding, we will completely white-label our platform. 

Audience Interaction


Audience I

Humanize the event experience with interactive chatrooms, live polling, quizzes, surveys, questionnaires, breakout rooms, breakout sessions and more with our interactive features.

Live, SimuLive & OnDemand Content


Deliver your program with Live, Simu-Live and On-Demand content. Integrate and transition between different types of multi-media (including video, images, audio, slidedecks) seamlessly.


"I can't thank you enough for helping us pull off the impossible 4-day, 3-room event in less than 2 weeks planning time! Your team was incredible, Thank you!"

-Liz Ray Corporate Compliance


Why BeaconLive?

Advanced Security With Biometric Authentication

Verify attendees with biometric authentication and unique pins upon entering the web room, before voting and throughout your virtual meeting.


Learn about our integration with industry-leading security platform Journey

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Voting Compliance

Ensure Voting Compliance

Secure registration, presence checks and verified identity to ensure trustworthy voting and polling.

Professional Moderators, Event Producers And Studio Engineers

Our in-house event management staff will moderate your meetings for and ensure all security and authentication measures are put in place for seamless and professional virtual or hybrid delivery.

BeaconLive Platform

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BeaconLive integrates with Journey 

In our increasingly virtual-first world, delivering secure and verified virtual gatherings will be crucial, especially for the financial, medical, and legal industries. That’s why BeaconLive has partnered with Journey to deliver industry-first biometric authentication and advanced security ® for webinars, virtual events and continuing education. 

Journey is a security industry pioneer and leader who has built an innovative zero knowledge identity network that solves security, privacy and customer experience simultaneously. 

BeaconLive is the first and only platform in the industry to support verified identities in all virtual gatherings and content delivery. This will be especially crucial for webinar and video conferencing to protect the privacy of meetings and information, monetize proprietary content and establish verified voting. 



  • Protect against fraud, scammers, hackers and data snatchers

  • Know who is actually on your conference call

  • Eliminate 'Zoombombing'

  • Establish trusted, verified, online communications for your brand

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