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What Is Inside This Checklist?

To ensure a successful, highly-attended and well-executed virtual event, you will need to promote your event in several different methods. We've developed this Virtual Event Promotion Checklist to help you engage your target market and increase registrations. 

  • Social Media Planning 
  • Blogging Strategy 
  • Email Scheduling
  • Speaker and Sponsor Promotional Kits 

There are many benefits to using a promotion checklist for your virtual events and webinars including the following:

  • Increased visibility and reach for your virtual event
  • Improved on-time delivery of content
  • Reduced costs associated with promotion
  • Real-time measurement and tracking of ROI from campaigns
  • Improved coordination between marketing teams and virtual events teams
  • Automated reminders to encourage registration, participation, etc., leading to higher attendance rates
  • More effective use of data for hyper-targeted campaigns that increase response rates
  • Enhanced ability to deliver a consistent message across multiple channels in the same campaign

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