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This Case Study profiles MediaEdge - both a client and an Enterprise Referrer of BeaconLive. BeaconLive’s partners have found growth and success in the mutually-beneficial relationship to refer our platform.


Our Enterprise Referrers have customers or a network of organizations with whom they have a strong relationship. BeaconLive operates as their official partner for producing virtual events and online content delivery. These Referrers are event planners, event planning companies, association organizers, consulting agencies, etc.



High-Level Solution Features

  • White-Labeling & Custom Branding
  • In-House Event Services Team
  • Customized Registration Pages
  • OnDemand Catalogs
  • Multi-Day, Multi-Track Agendas
  • Networking Roundtables

Who Is MediaEdge?

For more than 25 years, MediaEdge has been at the forefront of communication solutions for organizations within a variety of business sectors. They have worked in partnership with hundreds of associations and B2B clients across North America to develop effective communication strategies and advertising streams that provide value and results.

MediaEdge helps associations and B2B clients succeed in connecting their members to the information that impacts their business on a daily basis through magazines and publications, live events and other marketing streams.

They are a leading provider of non-dues revenues for associations offering exceptional no-cost member benefits through a number of innovative products and services.

MediaEdge enjoys working closely with their clients. They will research, assess and recommend customized communications strategies with the ultimate goal of providing enhanced benefits to their members. They carefully cultivate all of their business relationships and create an environment of collaboration to ensure they are providing exactly what their clients need over the long term.

The Problem

MediaEdge routinely delivered both internal events as well as managed events for their clients. They operated largely in the live event and event planning space. They would help their clients produce and deliver dozens of live events per year, and had tremendous experience and success in the event space.

As with all organizations who operated within the live event space during the Covid-19 pandemic, they needed to find a virtual platform vendor to convert all of their live, in-person events to being virtual experiences. They wanted to partner with a company that could become their official virtual provider for events of all sizes, and who could be flexible and configurable to accommodate the needs of both their internal events, as well as all the different clients and associations that they work with.

MediaEdge needed to offer online events from simple one-hour webinars to multi-day, multi-track conferences with white-label branding and virtual networking roundtables. Their clients are a variety of associations, companies, corporations and partners - all of whom have different needs and expectations regarding event delivery. Having a highly configurable, capable and flexible platform was necessary for them to ensure all of their clients would get the virtual experience delivery that was suitable for their organization.

MediaEdge emphasized a need to keep virtual events highly engaging experiences. They wanted help humanizing virtual gatherings and content delivery. They also needed assistance in the logistics involved with coordinating presenters, planning event schedules, pre-recording sessions for presenters, conducting tech runs / dress rehearsals, and producing an event that would ensure a fun and meaningful use of everyone’s time. 



“When the pandemic began, we needed to move our events from traditional face-to-face to virtual, and needed to get up to speed quickly on a new event platform. Most show operators were in the same boat. We were looking into 40 to 45 different platforms and settled on BeaconLive.”

- Chuck Nervick, Senior Vice President, MediaEdge



The Solution

After reviewing over 40 solutions, MediaEdge chose BeaconLive as their official virtual platform provider. We’ve implemented a formal partnership to collaborate and deliver on both their internal events as well as their customers’ needs, and have created a relationship that is financially beneficial for all involved.



“We’ve now had the pleasure and opportunity to work with them on several of our trade shows and conferences as well as a number of industry webinars we’ve done across our media and event portfolios. ”

- Chuck Nervick, Senior Vice President, MediaEdge


BeaconLive works with MediaEdge directly to produce and deliver their internal events, and also works with the variety of associations, partners and companies within MediaEdge's network.

As MediaEdge’s client list involves organizations with a variety of needs and event goals, BeaconLive works closely with each one to ensure virtual experiences that are aligned with their vision and customizes each solution according to their needs - whether it be customized registration pages, attendee streaming pages or an OnDemand catalog.

BeaconLive has built out a variety of solutions for MediaEdge’s clients. From standard webinars to enhanced multi-day virtual events, trade shows and conferences with custom branding, event websites and networking roundtables. BeaconLive also provides these clients with a fully managed service - event producers, moderators and 24/7 tech help desk that help to plan, manage and execute the events from start to finish.

In mid-2020, MediaEdge forsaw the need for virtual and hybrid events continuing into the foreseeable future. They also saw their attendees with early-onset-zoom-fatigue. MediaEdge worked with BeaconLive as a design partner and early adopter of our Networking Roundtables functionality.

The Results

"I certainly appreciate the folks that comprise the BeaconLive team, they’re readily available, always there to answer questions and provide great support.

I also really enjoy just communicating with them as we’re learning about this interesting virtual arena. BeaconLive has an open mind to considering new ideas, whether it be adding a virtual networking reception, making some alterations to the way a registration page looks and feels or connecting up to our show websites. They’re very open to discussing new ideas and in many cases, if not all cases, they’ve implemented them.

They’re quite creative and nimble and overall, I like the way their company is organized, I like their product and I would highly recommend it to anybody looking to partner with a virtual platform. ”

- Chuck Nervick, Senior Vice President, MediaEdge



BeaconLive has delivered dozens of events for MediaEdge directly as well as for their clients. We will profile a few here to show the variety of endsolutions that have been built out for their virtual events and content delivery.


Canadian Gaming Summit

The Canadian Gaming Summit contained five different virtual events that spanned over the course of four months. They had a total of 35 presenters, and utilized interactive chatrooms, live polling, handouts and networking receptions.

Customized registration pages and website pages were created for each event. We utilized our white-label capabilities to add sponsors' branding to the design and virtual background.



The media player was dynamically configured depending on how many presenters were on camera at a time, and what content they wanted to display (slidedeck, video, screenshare, etc). All event content was automatically hosted for OnDemand access.


The Learning and Training Conference

As with all of the events we've created for MediaEdge and their clients, website pages and registration pages for the Learning and Training Conference were custom built and white-labeled.


Attendees could register for individual sessions, individual keynote presentations, pre-determined event tracks or the entire event.


Canadian Restaurant & Foodservice Webinar Series


Gaming Security Professionals of Canada Webinar Series

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Best Out of 40 Vetted Virtual Platforms

I like the way their company is organized, I like their product and I would highly recommend it to anybody looking to partner with a virtual platform.

Senior Vice President, MediaEdge