OnDemand: The Level 5 Strive: How to Appropriately Measure Performance Outcomes and Avoid Common Pitfalls

Back in 2009, Donald Moore and colleagues published a seminal paper on establishing levels of outcomes. In that article, the authors outlined the facets of each level of educational outcomes, including how to properly measure participation, satisfaction, knowledge, competence, performance, patient health, and population health outcomes of medical education initiatives. Yet, seven years later, there continues to be misunderstanding, disagreement, and frustration about these levels, particularly in what constitutes Level 5, performance outcomes.

In this free OnDemand webinar, The Level 5 Strive: How to Appropriately Measure Performance Outcomes and Avoid Common Pitfalls, Dr. Greg Salinas will utilize his experience in conducting hundreds of outcomes reports to:

  • Delineate the misinformation regarding performance level outcomes
  • Establish an expanded definition of performance outcomes
  • And provide practical tips for conducting performance outcomes for your education programs.

Additionally, he will be discussing varieties of performance level measurement and presenting the latest research on confidence assessment—and how to relate softer variables, such as confidence, attitudes, and barriers to performance assessment.

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Presenter: Dr. Greg Salinas, PhDAbout the Presenter:
Dr. Greg Salinas, PhD is the President of CE Outcomes, LLC, a company founded in 2001 to help organizations discover clinicians' educational needs and conduct practical outcomes studies on educational activities. He has coauthored many published studies on gaps in clinician knowledge and performance, as well as medical learning preferences and behavior. Greg holds a bachelor's degree in Biology from Birmingham-Southern College and a doctorate in Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology from Brown University.

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