OnDemand: 5 Expert Tips to Take Your Webinars to the Next Level

Are your webinars not getting any traction despite that you're following best practices? Is your organization less than convinced that webinars are the solution to meeting your marketing, communication or training objectives? If so, you've come to the right place.

In this free OnDemand webinar, 5 Expert Tips to Take Your Webinars to the Next LevelB2B marketing consultant and webinar expert Roger Rosenquist will explain how you can dramatically improve your virtual events—or jumpstart your new webinar program and greatly increase the odds that you will achieve your webinar goals. You'll learn:

  • Why so many webinars are doomed to fail before they even start.
  • The single biggest hurdle to executing your first webinar
  • Why "do-it-yourself" can often be the wrong solution 
  • The secrets to improving the content of any presentation
  • What you absolutely need to do after your first or last webinar to be successful
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Presenter: Roger RosenquistAbout the Presenter:
 Roger Rosenquist
Roger Rosenquist has been a B2B Marketer for over 17 years and for much of that time has been involved with creating, producing and marketing webinars and online conference programs. His career has spanned both the agency and corporate environments with a focus on helping both start-up and established organizations successfully add webinars as an effective tool in their marketing, communications or training strategies. In 2012, Roger launched William Evy, a B2B Marketing agency that provides B2B consulting services, including webinar programs and online conferences.

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