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Webinar GuideSavvy Marketers Guide to Webinars in 2015

Webinars are an underused tactic in the marketing world, but an incredibly powerful one. They allow you to leverage your strengths and build them into something much more. 

Guide includes:

  • Are you a Savvy Marketer
  • Webinars 101
  • How webinars can help you
  • What to do before you start a webinar

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Preparing for your Webcast:  Checklist and Timeline


There are hundreds of tiny details to consider when delivering an onsite and online event similtaniously. When you work with a professional virtual events provider to handle the capturing and broadcasting of your event, you have at least half of the details covered. However, what about the details that your team has to accomplish?


Key Takeaways: 

  • Top benefits for delivering webcasts with ease
  • Step-by-step checklist for each task leading up to the webcast
  • Assign tasks to your team members to stay organizaed
  • At-a-glance webcast preparation timeline

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webinar-promotion-checklistWebinar Promotion Checklist

BeaconLive has developed a Webinar Promotion Checklist with tested and new ides and suggestions for promoting your webinar.


This checklist includes:

  • Social media promotional strategy
  • Email invitation delivery schedule
  • Promotional analytics suggestions
  • Social networking graphics requirements
  • Ideas for building Speaker and Sponsor promotional kits and more


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Webcast Checklist Timeline

Webinar Planning Timeline & Checklist

This timeline and checklist was developed to assist new webinar hosts a guideline to delivering a webinar.  


This checklist includes:

  • An 8 week guide to creating and preparing for your webinar
  • Suggestions on how to choose a topic, presenter and webinar vendor
  • Reminders of often forgotten but important details
  • Suggestions on how to analyze yoru webinar statistics before and after the event
  • Tips on how to follow up with registrants


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