OnDemand: Calculating P Values: A Step-by-Step Guide

What exactly is a P value? And what does it really mean when we say something is "statistically significant"? While it may sound impressive, it's frequently misinterpreted as both definitive of CME effectiveness and complex in determination. This OnDemand session – Calculating P Values: A Step-by-Step Guide – is designed to "peel back the curtain" on P value and clarify its definition, as well as how it can be easily calculated using commonly available tools.

Specifically, participants will be provided with step-by-step instructions for calculating a P value for two common CME assessment formats (rating scales and multiple choice questions) and detailed explanations regarding interpretation of results. Understanding P is not restricted to statisticians – its determination and meaning is accessible to any and all CME practitioners. This session will de-mystify statistical tests of significance and allow all participants to immediately incorporate such tools into their practice.

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Presenter: Jason OlivieriAbout the Presenter:
Jason Olivieri is Director of Outcomes at Med-IQ. Mr. Olivieri has 10+ years of experience devoted to the assessment of CME across a variety of provider types, including accredited medical education providers, health care systems and academia. He has published numerous articles regarding CME assessment, presented at the ACEHP annual meeting, SACME and CMEPalooza, and maintains a CME assessment blog: www.assessCME.wordpress.com.

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