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Virtual Town Hall Meetings

In this digital age of information, having the capabilities to host and broadcast flawless virtual town hall meetings is invaluable. Whether you’re announcing news to your entire organization, conducting company-wide trainings or cultivating employee morale, our virtual events platform is what you need to succeed.

Our trusted content delivery technology enables our customers to launch incredibly polished and professional webinars and webcasts, hassle-free. No glitches. No plug-ins. No crashes. Plus, our platform accommodates audiences of ANY size! Start communicating and engaging with all your employees, no matter where they are – and enjoy internal communications tools guaranteed to impress. 

Effortlessly leverage our intuitive technology, and customize our platform to meet your specific needs. The power is in your hands!

Present your content with confidence knowing that our team is behind the scenes with you, assuring the flawless delivery of your webinar event.

Let’s Take Your Virtual Town Hall Meetings to the Next Level

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Few providers can handle upwards of one hundred attendees without glitches or crashes. Our platform, however, can accommodate a virtual audience of ANY size. Large-scale events? No problem. Unexpectedly high attendance rate? We’ve got you covered. 


Give your employees a voice using polls, chat functionality, Q&A and surveys throughout the presentation. Our user-friendly platform facilitates an interactive experience that keeps attendees interested and involved!


The BeaconLive platform is fully customizable so event attendees experience your brand from start to finish. Plus, our BeaconLive Developer’s Portal allows for additional customization via API Keys your team can access.


Craft a unique and engaging virtual experience for your employees that fosters a greater sense of community. Leveraging our sleek and sophisticated interface can change the way your organization’s leadership is perceived.

bUILD OUT YOUR ondemand media library

Easily record your live virtual events to ensure all your intended participants don’t miss any of your important content. With BeaconLive, creating and presenting OnDemand webinars is quick and painless!

Access COMPREHENSIVE data analytics

Measure your success with our platform’s detailed analytics! Use real-time and post-event data, built-in participation tracking, attendance verification tools, and follow-up evaluations to boost performance and streamline reporting.


Say goodbye to your run-of-the-mill corporate town hall meeting expenses. No more paying for a venue, F&B, security, parking, airfare (and the list goes on…) Make room in your budget and save hours of time while maintaining your organization’s professional aesthetic.

  • "No other conferencing solutions provider has give our company the same level of customer service, event delivery and value that we've received from BeaconLive."
    — Mike Gerecht, Publisher, CD Publications
  • "BeaconLive exceeded my expectations on all levels, from outstanding customer service to flawless end-product. They understand the CME industry and updated their technology to keep up with our changing requirements."
    — Sara Bennett, Physicians' Institute for Excellence in Medicine
  • "We were tired of paying for a subscription service where we had to pay on a monthly basis whether we used the service or not. We looked at a dozen providers, and BeaconLive had the best pricing and best platform."
    — Dan Wallace, General Manager, Caucus

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