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“We have completed our work on the NARSOL Live Event in conjunction with BeaconLive. There is only one word that expresses our deepest feeling: Great!

Like so many this spring our organization came to the realization that an in-person event was not going to happen. In our research BeaconLive came to our attention and, being a New Englander, I was pleased to find a company in my backyard. From my first contact with Amelia, to our ongoing connection with Kyle and our two days with Niki, we could not be any more pleased. Your staff was responsive, professional and always listened to our concerns. 

These are some of the toughest of times in the business and a non-profit world. All of us are in uncharted territory and it requires a unique set of personal and business values. BeaconLive not only holds those values, it delivers those values. 

While we are a volunteer run organization, we work hard to present ourselves in a professional manner. It was most important to us to deliver a live event that met our mission statement and was consistent with our work product. BeaconLive was instrumental in helping us meet our mission and goals. 

As Chair of the Conference Operations Committee and Board Member of NARSOL, I extend to you and your staff a big THANK YOU and our deep appreciation to help us achieve a successful milestone within our non-profit community.”

-Chair of Conference Operations Committee, NARSOL



“Words cannot describe how happy I’ve been with Event Producer Monica’s performance over the past few tech runs and live events! She has a lovely voice, is well-paced, thorough & confident in her orientation on the platform, and methodical yet friendly in her approach to our sponsors & presenters. 

On one recent presentation she did an EXCELLENT job setting everyone up with their webcams, explaining the technology to them and accepting their cues on the actual live use of the webcams. I look forward to working with her as often as possible in the future”

- Lisa Richards, Program Associate, Webinars, America’s Health Insurance Plans



“I really appreciate all your extra help with my first meeting. Also the feedback I got after the meeting was that everyone loved the new system. They also loved the fact that our logo was on the web room.

Using the system again today, and the updates that were made in May this year have made the ability to control the event in the studio even easier from set-up, to launching, to conclusion. It has been wonderful for me, being the moderator of our board meetings here at WTC.”

-Gregg Osborn, General Manager, World Tennis Club, Inc.



With BeaconLive, we receive a very personalized service. We need a customized solution from a topnotch vendor and they deliver. BeaconLive is focused on the market we are in, and they have a name for themselves in the market.

- Thompson Interactive



BeaconLive exceeded my expectations on all levels, from outstanding customer service to a flawless end product. They understand the CME industry and update their technology to keep up with our changing requirements. Their integrity, flexibility, and efficiency will keep me as a customer.

- Sara Bennett, Physicians Institute for Excellence in Medicine

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