Virtual Events, Continuing Education, Certifications & Content Delivery

BeaconLive Square Logo-2Not all content delivery and management platforms are created equal. Our platform goes above and beyond to help you create the virtual event experience your audience deserves! Our main goal is a perfectly executed event. 

But why stop there? Convert any live event to an On-Demand experience to monetize and market to your audience. 

Create a custom, white-labeled catalog to host your content. Create a media library and manage podcasts, blogs, videos, CE classes, On-Demand webinars, PDFs and more.

Allow us to show you how you can take your events to the next level — and how working with the experts can make all the difference.

During your Guided Tour, you will learn:

  • Why BeaconLive's virtual event delivery platform is exceptional
  • How we build and customize a White-Label catalog
  • How you can leverage BeaconLive's features and functionality to meet your goals
  • How the platform is designed with Continuing Education in mind
  • The benefits of both self-managed and fully managed events
  • How our Event Services Team is available to support you during each phase of your event's lifecycle
  • How our platform can become an extension of your website

We're happy to tailor the presentation to your needs and answer any questions you might have.

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