OnDemand: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Marketing Webinars

Why do so many companies consistently use webinars as an effective marketing tool, while others only dabble, or don't use them at all?

How do you avoid the ugliness of a ''big fail'' when planning your next webinar?

Why do so many bad webinars happen?

Join B2B marketing consultant and webinar expert Roger Rosenquist to learn why the "Marketing Webinar Gulf" exists between good and bad/ugly webinars – and why so many companies struggle to effectively integrate webinars into their marketing mix.

Key Takeaways:

  • The real reason more companies don't use webinars as a marketing tool
  • Why Risk/Reward is such a big factor when considering marketing webinars
  • The top causes of "Bad" and "Ugly" webinars
  • The pros and cons of do-it-yourself webinar delivery platforms
  • How companies that use webinars as an effective marketing tool consistently do so.

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About the Presenter: Roger Rosenquist has over 15 years of experience as a B2B Marketer and for much of that time he has been involved with producing, marketing and managing lead generation webinars programs. A software development project manager early in his career, Roger transitioned to marketing in a global audio, web and video conferencing provider, where he was instrumental in the re-branding of the company and launching of its direct and indirect channel products. As Director of Marketing, Roger led the expansion into the Healthcare and Financial business segments, using marketing webinars as an effective marketing tool and lead generator. Most recently, Roger started Evy LLC, a B2B Marketing agency that provides content marketing support services, including webinar programs and online conferences for the Healthcare, Financial, Technology, Legal and Publishing sectors.

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