Not many busy marketers, association executives and sales pros have the time to be stressing over the hundreds of details that are rolled into bringing a professional virtual event to life. Nor do they want to rely on technically executing every aspect of a webinar or webcast on their own while simultaneously focusing on content planning and prepping the presenter. And worrying about technology-related failures or glitches... need we say more? 

More often than not, it takes a team! 

But not just any team—an adept group of experts who can personally manage every element involved in carrying out your ideal virtual event. When it comes to the details, BeaconLive leaves no stone unturned. We take pride in our level of precision because your online event shouldn't be anything but flawless.

How BeaconLive Works with You

When you opt to partner with BeaconLive's exceptional Event Services Team to assist with delivering wow-worthy webinars, webcasts, online seminars and trainings, you will receive full-service support throughout each phase of your event's lifecycle. Here's how it works...


We'll pair you with your own Full-Service Events Team, where you will work with your dedicated Account Manager and Event Producer to create a customized registration page for your event that matches your company's look and feel. Your Event Producer will set up your web room with your branding, and prepare the room with any conferencing materials or videos that may be used during the event, saving you time and giving you peace of mind that your event will run as smoothly as possible.



During the live event, your team can lean on a dedicated and knowledgeable Event Moderator to ensure the successful and professional delivery of your event. While your presenter delivers the content, the Moderator is monitoring any requests from the attendees or hosts, administering CE administration, facilitating the live Q&A and assisting the presenter as needed.



BeaconLive's job is not finished upon the completion of your live event. Work with your Event Producer to create an edited recording of your event for repurposing as lead generation content and marketing collateral, view a detailed report of all attendees interactions within the web room, and deliver a post-event certificate to attendees. 


The BeaconLive Difference

Our technology and webinar services are our own, meaning more customization and less room for error. It's also important to us that your attendees can access your event from anywhere in the world with an internet connection (from a desktop or mobile device), leading us to create a platform with no downloads or apps required!

Present your content with confidence knowing that your knowledgeable BeaconLive moderator is behind the scenes with you, assuring the flawless delivery of your presentation.

Want to see for yourself how effective BeaconLive’s virtual events platform really is? Simply request a guided tour with one of our specialists to learn more about our self-managed solutions!

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