Why Your Association Needs to Invest in Webcasting Services Pronto!

Posted by: Leidy Restrepo


Webcasting Services for AssociationsProfessional association meetings and conferences are valuable sources of information that deserve a larger audience than what the physical room can hold. Webcasting not only expands your audience outside the conference room, but it also contributes to the value of your membership; giving potential members a greater incentive to join while helping retain current members. Learn how webcasting services can help add more value to your association's membership below!




  • As we've learned in the past year or two, video is the rock star of content. And delivering a successful webcast is one of the easiest ways of generating new video content for your website without the burden of coordinating a video production team. This is perhaps the greatest advantage to streaming an association's live event; giving your members access to your event while building a library of video content. 
  • When you online stream your presentation via webcast, you may also have the option to record the event which can help you reach a larger audience after the event is over.
  • Live webcasting can help you increase your social media presence by encouraging your virtual audience to share your presentation's key points online (using your event's hashtag) during your webcasting event. 
  • You can choose to make your online event available to non-members for a small fee, helping you bring in new profits while adding value to your membership. 
  • Share relevant news and information faster. Webcasting can be as simple as placing a camera in a meeting room while someone delivers new information, or while a meeting is in session. 

Though webcasting your event can seem as easy as setting up a video camera in your conference room (which sends a live feed to your virtual audience), there are many factors involved to consider. As an association, you may have a lot of different skills and strengthsbut webcasting is typically not one of them.


Thus, finding a webcast provider who can flawlessly deliver a professional webcast on your behalf is undoubtedly important. A full-service webcast provider can contribute professional videographers to your cause, as well as event moderators and a seamless experience that will allow you to focus more on what you do best – engaging with your association members. 


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