Webinar Success 101

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At BeaconLive, we understand that each webinar and webcast is unique in their setup and needs.  In November 2014, we partnered with a webinar professional, Ruwaida Vakil, to deliver a presentation on how to get started with webinars. And as the resulting webinar, How to Design, Deliver and Execute a Successful Webinar has found immense interest and success during its on demand lifetime, we understand that not everyone has the time to watch an hour long event.  As a result, we put together a corresponding whitepaper detailing how to design, develop and execute a webinar, Webinar Success 101


In this whitepaper we discuss:

  • Why webinars are the fastest growing and engaging way to deliver educational content. 
  • The 7 types of webinars that everyone is doing
  • 4 traditional formats that a webinar can be delivered in
  • The pros and cons of paid vs free events
  • 4 key components of a webinar
  • 10 easy steps to prepare, design and deploy your webinar


Click here to download this whitepaper, Webinar Success 101 to learn how to get started with your virtual events

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Interested in watching the on demand recording of How to Design, Deliver and Execute a Successful Webinar? Click here

Check out this OnDemand Webinar:  How to Design, Develop, and Execute a Successful Webinar


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