Using the screen sharing tool during your live webinar presentation?

Posted by: Leidy Restrepo

screen-sharingSharing your computer screen while delivering a live webinar presentation may seem like an intimidating task; what if I forget how to get back to my slideshow? What if the video I want to show the audience doesn't load? These are just some of the concerns that will run through your mind when considering the pros and cons of screen sharing --convincing you to just completely stay away from the idea all together. While there is some risk involved when delivering anything live that relies on an Internet connection, there are ways to minimize the chances of the screen sharing tool failing on you. 
The first way to avoid any technological hiccups during your live presentation is to go through a dry run before the webinar. This will allow you to see how the experience will feel for your audience and address any issues that may arise. If you're going to be using YouTube, you might want to have more than one link to your video prepared; sometimes certain videos are taken down unexpectedly or some can take longer than others to load so it's safer to have a few options at hand in case your first link doesn't work. Any fears or doubts around sharing your screen during the webinar will start to fade after a dry run or two. 
The second best way to overcome your fears of screen sharing while presenting live is by communicating your thoughts and fears to your webinar moderator and trusting her/his professionalism. Beaconlive's webinar moderators are highly skilled at providing quick solutions to live issues such as your video failing to load or helping you get back to the right screen of your slideshow presentation. Having a moderator with you throughout the entirety of your presentation is not only the safest option but also the most professional. When you deliver your webinar with BeaconLive, you have the ability to present your content to your audience with the confidence that your knowledgeable BeaconLive moderator is behind the scenes, assuring the flawless delivery of your presentation. 
Webinar mistakes happen -but no matter what your technology 'hiccup' is, always make sure you have a backup plan or a back up person ready to "jump in" and take over when you've hit a technological road bloack. Learn how BeaconLive handles these unfortunate scenarios.
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