Top 5 legal marketing trends that you should have started in 2014

Posted by: Shelley Trudeau

top-5-legal-marketing-trendsLately, we’ve been seeing list upon list of the latest trends as we move into the new year, but how many times can you read another Top 10 Marketing Trends for 2015 before you start deleting emails and scrolling past social posts?

We have scoured the lists of legal marketing trends for 2015, and compiled a directory of the actions that your marketing should have started last year (but we totally understand how marketing teams can get overwhelmed). 

  1. Understanding the individuality of your clients and their needs, then catering your content for them.
    While its not a productive use of time to create blogs, whitepapers, and webinars to meet the needs of each of your clients, you can find trends amongst their needs and provide solutions at a higher level.

    We recommend adding a personal touch to the content you deliver to your clients.  This can be as simple as adding their name to the email with your content, or as complex as tracking their content consumption, and using smart marketing technology to recommend related content. 

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  2. Maintaining your sophisticated websites.
    In 2014, everyone redesigned their websites to be ‘smart’ and ‘responsive’. But as the content demands increase in our ‘to-do’ lists, maintaining our sophisticated site seems like just another project to do.  In 2015, we all must make it a point to add new ‘responsive’ content to our site with the mobile users in mind. 

    Are you still confused on if your website is ‘responsive’ or just designed for mobile?  Learn about why its important for Law Firms to have a responsive website, and how to do it here.

  3. Learn from your mistakes.
    The old adage couldn't be more true for marketers; if we don't learn from the past, we’ll be doomed to repeat it.  Most marketers have learned the hard way by sending an email that received more unsubscribes than clicks. We over-examined and dissected the email to find out exactly what made this email unclick-worthy, so we won't make that mistake again.  Now, it is becoming more important than ever to examine what worked in 2014 so you can rinse and repeat the successful recipes, and delete what didn't work.

    Learn more about what trends are trends, and what essentials need to be in your Marketing toolbox here.

  4. Having a strategy, and sticking to it.
    Having a marketing strategy is more than just having ideas on how to meet the firm’s awareness and retention goals.  Developing a content strategy also keeps your marketing engine running smoothly.  Thousands of tactics and trends are thrown around a marketing department, but when it comes to your office’s bandwidth (or capabilities of completing all these ideas) you have to consider the most important goals, and how you will accomplish them. To stay on track with your content development, its important to establish and share a documented content strategy with your team, so everyone knows what they can expect of your department. Keep in mind, these plans should be flexible, measurable and easy to understand (because you will probably have to explain them over and over again to get everyone on board).

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  5. Be Human.
    People want to do business with people, not with robots.  This rings especially true when a client is in a vulnerable state and relying on a lawyer to help them.  Its important to build a human connection into your content in 2015, because people will be looking beyond the solution you provide to them, and at the journey it took to get them to the end result.  Hubspot describes the Human Era nicely by reminding marketers that our clients are personal, they’re conversational, they’re empathetic, they’re humorous, and they make mistakes.  Simply adding personality to your content reminds people that there are people behind the big brands and firms. 


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