Microsoft Killed the Internet Star: Revealing New Rebranding Campaign

Posted by: The BeaconLive Marketing Team

Internet_explorer_exploitHow many brands that were once at the top of consumers' demands, have we seen fade away and disappear because they neglected keeping up with the latest technology and market trends? Kodak, anyone? Exit Internet Explorer: The once leading internet browser has been seeing a steady decrease in market share for some time now, "data from StatCounter shows, IE is now below the once 50% mark in the internet browser market [...] Meanwhile, growth from Firefox and Chrome are coming to its peaks" (


browsers_market_shareIt's no surprise that Microsoft is killing Internet Explorer. With more than half of the market seeking other alternatives or only using the browser to download its competitors, it was clearly time for a change --A BIG CHANGE.



Enter "Project Spartan" --Microsoft's desperate attempt to compete with Chrome and Firefox. Though Project Spartan promises a different, more modern experience, some expect it to be an updated version of IE 12. So, why is Microsoft killing Internet Explorer to introduce an unknown and unheard-of brand? Because there's always hope in a new rebranding campaign.   


After several attempts to win customer loyalty back, Microsoft finally realized that its bad reputation exceeded its commitment to change (sadly, you can realize that you've fallen behind --wayyyy behind-- a little too late). So, how can re-branding help Microsoft stay relevant after admitting defeat? Simply by starting over. Though, we don't recommend you doing the same with your brand, because each situation is different, we do recommend taking your brand strategy more serious than Internet Explorer did. Meaning, don't assume that you're always going to be the best (competition is good motivation), and never stop innovating and improving your product. 


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