Identifying a Subpar CLE Solutions Provider: 6 Customer Service Red Flags

As a customer, you have the luxury of being selective. Don’t waste your time dealing with a customer service agent relationship that is set up to fail.  


There are several signs or red flags that may appear at some point during your interactions with customer service reps. Some of them are apparent from the start, while others may be triggered later on. As a CLE Provider, these are some signs that you should be aware of:


1. Long Wait Times

The thought alone of being placed on hold for several minutes is enough to make even the most upbeat customer dread picking up the phone. Make sure you are able to reach an actual agent when you need them, even if it's just a callback scheme, in which case you know they will get back to you as soon as they’re free.


2. Bouncing from Rep to Rep

There's nothing worse than finally getting through to a customer service line only to be bounced from one rep to another (and another.) When you call with a specific issue, whether it's complex or simple, there should be dedicated agents who specialize in that area. The best reps know exactly who to direct you to rather than simply transferring you and hoping for the best.


3. Poorly Handled Escalations

The typical call center escalation path begins with the frontline employee, to the team leader, and then to a supervisor or manager. Those who are in a leadership position are authorized to make decisions that agents sometimes cannot make. This means they must have a firm grasp on their role in customer service management. Otherwise, they’ll be incapable of making sound actions that address a customer’s specific needs, therefore resulting in dissatisfaction.


4. Using Negative Language

In order to achieve great customer service your agents must use the right tone and language. Reps must remain professional and polite in every call, even when you are hurling personal abuse their way. The best agent will find the quickest solution for the your problem and remember that there’s no need to respond with anger.


5. Unreliable Communication

We’ve all seen this happen. Initial communication goes well with an agent and you both set aside time for a meeting at a later date. Then that day comes and goes and you don’t hear back from him or her until several days (or even weeks) later apologizing and asking to reschedule. While this may be a one-time event, it could also been an early indicator that their service is unreliable.


6. Unresolved Issues

How your service representative deals with problems is important. Miscommunication, malfunctions, and accidents happen. Representatives should take the time to explain what the procedure will be to resolve your issue at hand. If their behavior is an ongoing problem whenever something unexpected occurs, whether it is their mistake or yours, then it might be time to walk away.


These are some of the common red flags that people deal with. Are these problem customer service representatives outliers or have you encountered a good number of reps with issues understanding what you need? If your answer is the latter then it’s time to reflect on your decision and begin looking into other options. Otherwise judge by a case by case basis on how much you are willing to handle with a difficult rep.


Topics: Continuing Education, Continuing Legal Education (CLE), Legal

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