4 Tips to Deliver Demos that will Leave Viewers Smiling

Posted by: The BeaconLive Marketing Team

Leave_Viewers_Smiling-1It’s likely that you’ve watched a number of virtual sales demos – some good and some not so good. Maybe you thought to yourself: What conversion paths were prospects taking and how could those paths be optimized? How could marketers close the loop to deliver more qualified prospects to the sales team?

In short, what does it take to deliver better demos? 80% of our long-term memory comes from seeing and doing (The Brevet Group), so they can really make an impression. What can you do to ensure your that yours are proactive and interactive? Here, we’ll offer 4 key tips that will wow your viewers.

  1. Understand whom you’re talking to and where they are in the buyer’s journey.
  • It doesn’t mean a thing to prospects that aren’t ready. When you map the buyer’s journey from their point of view and train the sales team on this map, they can make a better of assessment of when to deliver it and what type of information it should emphasize.
  • It’s also crucial to know which one of your buyer personas you’re talking to. Make sure it's right for the decision maker; user experience matters. Developing a fundamental understanding of who the viewer is will allow you to be as relevant as possible during the process. Otherwise, your audience will likely just be staring at their smartphones. 
  1. Make it as relevant and personal as possible. 
  • It’s essential to develop an understanding of your prospect’s environment, processes, goals, and challenges. Then, you can create a playbook of messaging sound bites, content to provide, and ultimately, potential presentations to deliver. 
  • A great one would open with: “Before I jump in, let me play back what I believe to be your current process. Based on what I heard, I believe we can improve X. Let me show you a couple things that will help you understand how we can help.” This sort of language makes it clear that you understand where they are coming from, what their pain points are, and how to solve the issues at hand – which is exactly what they want to hear. 
  1. Rely on proper training more than a script. 
  • The starting point is structured training, including role-plays based on the anticipated opening phase of the conversation. Then, managers need to listen and watch their reps conduct theirs and provide coaching.
  • 55% of sales reps don’t have effective communications skills (Caliper Group). Strong sales people deliver great presentations because they know what they are trying to achieve; when demos are memorized from a script, this doesn’t seem like the case. Scripts are okay, but they aren’t as effective as a sales person who knows exactly where they want the viewer to be afterwards – and that takes proper training. 
  1. Focus on the meat and potatoes.
  • Walking the viewer through the entire process can be painful – for everyone. Rather than boring your audience with painstaking details, focus on the big points. Think about what your prospects really want to learn and cut to the chase. They’ll appreciate it and it will be more concise, helpful, and enjoyable.
  • In order to make it even more useful and interactive for viewers, you can utilize webinar technology and hold weekly demos that anyone can join. The presenter can interact with audience members and answer their questions live. This practice would be effective for prospects that are far down the sales funnel, even sales-ready. 

The demo is to sales what the climax is to a movie; this is the part where all the action has built up and, in one big moment, everything comes together – or falls apart. That's why it's so important to get it right. Take the time to prep, understand your prospect, and tie your product back to their needs. This way, you'll have a realistic likelihood of closing the deal and having your audience walk away feeling like that was a great use of their hour.

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