3 Lessons Webinar Providers Can Learn From the New Windows 10 Update

Posted by: Leidy Restrepo

software-updateMicrosoft's windows 10 update was released yesterday promising a strong solution to the concerns and frustrations users have expressed overs the past couple of years --marking the beginning of a "new era" according to Microsoft. However, PC users are not so sure what that means and if it will only make matters worst: the last two Windows updates brought such drastic change to the operating system that people are uneasy about embracing any new developments. As a software provider, we're interested in learning about the pain points people struggled with (and why), as well as how the new update aims to address them. Here's what we found:
  1. If it's not broken, don't fix it. Window's approach to achieving a modern "user experience" completely missed the point by getting rid of the familiar start button in the left-hand corner of the screen. Users had no idea how to access the essential features we've always known inside the start menu --it just hasn't been the same ever since. Thus, it's no surprise that that's the first issue the new windows update resolves by bringing it back. Lesson learned? Your webinar audience is not going to be thrilled with any drastic changes to your webinar platform so make sure those changes are worth their frustration and time --don't change features that will only hurt the user experience.
  2. Be flexible and convenient. The new windows update proves to be more flexible and convenient by being Multiplatform, meaning the same software can power PC's, tablets, phones, and more (bbc.com).  This update addresses people's need to be able to work across several devices effortlessly. In this day and age it's very important to consumers to have a wide range of options for how they want to access your product or service. Similarly,  webinar providers should give their audience the option to attend their webinar presentation via phone or tablet in case the attendee needs it. 
  3. Keep it simple. The less people have to figure out the better. Microsoft learned this the hard way after people showed extreme frustration with their new and confusing apps navigation system. People were overwhelmed by the apps screen, finding it difficult to find their way back or access previous tabs. Fortunately, Microsoft has addressed that in the new update by displaying the app tiles opaque over what you were doing before so you can find your way back easily. Don't make their mistake by creating something so new and drastic that people will want to run away from it. 
The most important take away from Microsoft's new Windows update is never ignore the user experience. If you're unsure how your audience will react to a new change or update, test it out with a focus group that's never used your webinar platform before. If they can't figure out how to navigate your software within minutes, it's not worth making the changes and risk losing an audience over frustration.
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